A Quick Guide To Types Of Loft Stairs

When building or renovating a loft, one of the most crucial decisions is the type of stairs to install. Loft stairs can be broken down into two categories: permanent stairs and fold-up stairs. Loft stairs provide a wide selection of ladders that may be designed specifically for your new or existing staircase. So let’s know popular types of Loft stairs in the UK.

Types Of Loft Stairs

·       Sliding Loft Stairs

Sliding loft ladders are a low-maintenance and cost-effective choice if you only occasionally require access to the loft to put things away or retrieve them. Often composed of two or three lightweight aluminium panels, these can be opened and closed without using the loft hatch. They start with the simple folding loft ladder and go all the way up to the sophisticated spring-loaded deluxe model with the handrail for added safety.

·       Folding Loft Stairs

A foldable loft stair is a great option to save room and boost insulation. This type, which comes pre-mounted on the trapdoor, folds away neatly when not used. Less heat loss might be expected when using a custom-made trapdoor.

The cost of a foldable loft ladder, whether made of wood or metal, will reflect the quality of the material and the level of craftsmanship.

·       Telescopic Loft Stairs

A telescopic loft ladder is a sophisticated and elegant design that collapses down like a concertina to take up very little room when not in use. The entrance to your loft will be simple and stylish with this high-end, deep-tread ladder.

·       Concertina Loft Stairs

They fold back even smaller than the sliding kind because of their concertina movement. You can utilize it even if there is no room around the entrance. When it is flush against a wall, it is stored directly on top of the trapdoor.

The slope of a concertina loft ladder can be modified, making it suitable for usage in a loft with limited headroom. These stairs are typically crafted from wood and feature a deeper tread for increased security.

Finale Takeaway

Depending on your preferences and location, these designs could be the best option for a loft ladder. Loft stairs open creativity and space for your staircase. Expert loft stairs services can offer great designs to suit your home designs or spacious-conscious people. Moreover, they will provide the right solution for the hatch to make it spacious and stylish.


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