Addiction, Taboo and What to Do

The taboo around addiction is what makes it more complicated for people. Due to multiple myths around this one thing, people often refrain from talking about addiction and substances. People often feel these things to be like an evil thing that will harm them as well. Some deep-rooted beliefs often prevent people not only from talking about it but also from providing necessary help. But addicted people can find their way back when they are assisted by their closed one properly. it is not necessary to just jump into action without a course of plan. When one feels hesitant about approaching, there are other ways available to do so. It is better to seek help earlier than to ask what happens if you overdose.

Make use of an interventionist

Some people find the stigma around addiction to be too severe, and their pride prevents them from ever telling a loved one they need help. It could be preferable for you to involve a qualified third party who can assist them with consenting to therapy.

Maintain your assistance

Even if your friends are resistant to hearing about their heroin addiction, you may still be there for them. Regularly check on them to make sure they are doing well and to reassure them that you are there for them at all times.

Stop helping

Make sure you stop if you give your pals a place to stay, transportation, money, or any other resources they can utilize. Inform them that you are speaking from a position of love and that you would much prefer for them to use you as a resource for receiving assistance than to use you to support their use.

Speak to their relatives

A family member’s usage of heroin may occasionally go unreported to them. It may be necessary for you to inform their family in person so that they can intervene and assist your friend more seriously.


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