Advantages of Using a Christmas Tree Delivery Service

Getting your Christmas tree delivered to your home by a Christmas tree delivery Atlanta is a great way to ensure that you have the best tree for your Christmas celebration. Not only can you choose the exact size of the tree you need, but you can also order the tree with the right decorations. This will make your Christmas celebration even more special.

Real trees sequester carbon

Choosing the proper Christmas tree delivery Atlanta service can help you make a big difference in the environment. An American Christmas Tree Association study found that a real tree has a smaller carbon footprint than an artificial one.

The life cycle assessment examined the time it took to grow a tree, the miles it traveled, and how long it took to produce it. It also considered how it was used. The study concluded that artificial trees had a much higher carbon footprint than real ones.

Aside from being more environmentally friendly, real trees can be recycled into mulch and other products, such as dune stabilizers. They also provide a habitat for wildlife.

The New York Times recently cited an American Christmas Tree Association study. The study showed that an average-sized tree travels about 230 miles from the farm to the store. Therefore, it can take more than a week to reach its destination.

Using a Christmas tree delivery Atlanta service can help reduce carbon emissions. Some companies offer free delivery of live, potted trees and partner with local tree farmers. It also benefits the local community by delivering to homes and businesses.

Many areas offer curbside pickup of holiday greenery after the holidays. Some towns grind down their trees and compost them, while others repurpose them.

Artificial trees are made with fire-resistant materials

Traditionally, artificial Christmas trees were made from PVC, a type of plastic. This is a toxic material that emits carcinogenic dioxins when it burns. In addition, lead is used as a stabilizer in PVC products, and some artificial Christmas trees may contain some lead.

In recent years, less conventional materials have been used to replicate the look of a Christmas tree. In some cases, artificial trees are made from materials resistant to igniting. This can make them safer to string lights on. However, artificial trees are still susceptible to fire.

UL tests and certifies artificial Christmas trees for safety. The “UL” symbol is often found on product packaging and battery packs. This means the light strings have been tested and meet safety requirements.

While some researchers have linked high phthalate exposure to reproductive problems and hormone disruption, others claim it does not affect health. In any case, phthalates have been banned from many toys for children, and some EPA scientists have suggested that the high phthalate levels in artificial Christmas trees might raise health risks.

The Center for Biological Diversity has filed a lawsuit against the EPA, requesting that the agency regulate discarded PVC. In the meantime, the group has called for bans on phthalates across all consumer goods.

They can be recycled

Purchasing a live Christmas tree can be a challenge for some. But there are many advantages to buying a real tree. These include:

The environmental benefit of using a live tree is that it helps protect our water sources. It also provides a habitat for fish and other wildlife. In addition, it stabilizes the soil.

The National Christmas Tree Association reports that over 30 million real trees are sold yearly in the U.S., and 350 million are grown on farms. In addition, a real tree absorbs carbon dioxide as it grows. It also emits fresh oxygen.

One of the best ways to recycle a Christmas tree is to take it to a recycling center. There are many in metro Atlanta. Some of these facilities will even pick up your tree for free.

Another option is to take your tree to a county composting facility. These facilities often offer curbside pickup. Alternatively, you can donate your tree to a local park.

Try a little DIY effort if you recycle your tree. For example, you can use a plastic tree bag to transport your tree outside or hide the bag with a tree skirt.

For the best results, place the bulk waste in the trash at least two days before the scheduled collection date. This is especially true if you are located in an area that experiences cold winters.


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