An evaluation of the Honeywell WiFi Smart Thermostat

As a direct response to the Nest Learning Thermostat created by two former Apple employees, Honeywell has developed a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat. By filing a lawsuit on February 6, 2012, Honeywell claimed that Nest had violated seven of its own patents by creating a thermostat that was inspired by an iPod. Even if you ignore the hysteria, you’re left with two highly functional products with identical $249 MSRPs. Why is the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat different from others?

For the most part, when experts checked the Honeywell system, they found it to be more difficult to set up, with more unpredictable design features and a busier home display. The design and installation will be the main deal makers — or deal breakers — for the majority of models, but there are a few other minor variations between models. With a screwdriver included and a quiz on the company’s website to see if your house is compatible before you buy, the Nest comes with more bells and whistles than the Honeywell. This Wi-Fi smart thermostat from Honeywell would be ideal for any do-it-yourself home automation enthusiast with a penchant for traditional design and the ability to complete the installation without help. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work in your house.


The old boxy thermostat in your house has been sleeked up a bit with this Honeywell. There is a date and time, as well as a temperature and humidity reading for the indoor and outdoor areas. For one thing, it’s much smaller than my old thermostat, so the previous paint job is clearly visible from all angles.

A square base plate and a larger rectangular base plate are included with the Nest to hide any unsightly holes or paint. It has a simple home display that only shows the current temperature. When compared to the Nest, Honeywell emphasises functionality over aesthetics by putting more information on display up front. It all comes down to personal preference.

Beginners should not attempt this DIY project. Because there are so many heating and cooling systems, this thermostat will not work with all of them. Some people had a larger problem with this setup because Honeywell didn’t do a good job of warning me about that beforehand. To power this model, you’ll need a C or “common” wire. Many different workarounds are available, but not all of them are guaranteed to be compatible with every computer out there. It’s possible that this could bring down some installations.

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, Honeywell also provides reviewers with power cords. The thermostat does not come with a cord, nor is one available for commercial use. Basically, most folks wouldn’t have been able to install the Honeywell thermostat at all without either the power cord (which isn’t an actual option) or help from an electrician. The Nest doesn’t require a C wire in most houses, so they can’t blame Honeywell for my shoddy HVAC system. Points are at an all-time high.


When installing the Honeywell thermostat on your wall, you shouldn’t have too much of a learning curve because it works so much like a standard digital thermostat.

Web-based and mobile apps are also available for the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat. However, if you are using the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort iOS app, it should work in your favor as well.

All of your connected Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostats will be listed on the app home page. It’s possible to give each thermostat a distinct name, such as “First Floor Thermostat,” “Second Floor Thermostat,” or “Bedroom/Living Room.” After selecting the thermostat you want to change, you get a quick look at its current state.


Even if you don’t programme your thermostat, Honeywell will use algorithms to “learn” your routines and begin automatically adjusting your heating and cooling to match. You can, of course, manually adjust the temperature to override this.

It also has advanced fan settings to keep you cosy while also saving you money on electricity. Custom menus allow you to design your own colour scheme instead of selecting from a pre-existing list. When the thermostat detects a significant deviation from the norm in temperature, this thermostat will send you an alert. Furthermore, the honeywell thermostat will also notify you when it’s time to replace your air filter. Temperature and humidity readings are also displayed on the screen. For honeywell t9 thermostat installation, call customer service.

If you’re concerned about security, you have the option of locking the touch screen and adjusting the backlight’s duration. On any temperature setting, Honeywell claims that this thermostat can maintain one degree of accuracy. If you want to reduce the frequency with which your heater or air conditioner runs, you can do so. Thus, purchasing Honeywell thermostat is a wise desicion.


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