Best Haircuts for a Unique Makeover in 2024

In the last few years, people used to embrace the natural texture of their hair, and they used to go for a no-fuss hairstyle. 2024 is the end of all those boring styles, and now people look for a little something extra. It’s not too late yet to go for a trendy and unique hair makeover. Let’s know the best haircuts for 2024. You can choose the best barber in Montreal to get the best services.

What are the Best Haircuts of 2024?

Low-maintenance styling with statement-making cuts are quite trendy nowadays. If you want a new haircut, there are different hairstyles, from shaggy layers, to retro styles. Let’s have a look at the trendy haircuts in 2024.

Wavy Blunt Bob

If you are looking for a great yet smart hair makeover, you can go with a wavy, blunt bob hair cut. With this haircut, you will get rid of some weight in the ends to remove bulkiness. This haircut gives you straight, sleek, rounder, fuller, or denser looks, depending on your face and hair texture.

Chin-Length Bob

Another smart haircut that you can go for in 2024 is the chin-length bob haircut. This hairstyle is dramatic enough to draw everyones’ eyes in the best way. Characterized by its chin-framing shape, and jaw-skimming length, this look is clean, short, and playful. It looks stylish at the same time. You can do a middle part or add some curl cream to create some extra texture.

‘70s Birkin Bangs

From the ‘70s on, Birkin bangs were definitely a great hit for style enthusiasts. This particular hairstyle was inspired by the iconic Jane Birkin. This hairstyle features full French bangs paired with collarbone-length or longer hair. The subtle layers are the main highlights of this haircut. Broken and uneven layers give this haircut a soft and natural appearance. This haircut gives an effortless, free-spirited look with minimal styling.

Halo Cut

You don’t need to look like an angel to have a halo cut. The halo cut is the more relaxed version of the bowl cut. With a loose, round-shape, this haircut arches below the brows, carving around the face and opening up at the cheekbones. Halo cuts can be cropped at the chin or sit at the collarbone. Curved bangs are the mainstay of this haircut.

Eyelash Bangs

This year, women are going for longer bangs. Many hairstylists predict that people will be wearing long and wispy eyelash bangs, which are too long but in the best way. If your hair is naturally straight, these bangs don’t need as much styling as other types of bangs. These bangs can be worn straight down, giving them a super sexy, mysterious vibe.

Curly Pixie

The classic pixie haircut is getting a flirty update in 2024. Hair experts predict that this short haircut with curly bangs will be a go-to for those who are looking for a completely refreshing look. Sweeping fringes, or layers, are the signature of this hair cut. You can also ask your hairstylist for higher layers on the sides so all the volumes will be front-loaded. Curly pixie is great for people with naturally wavy hair.

Round Curly Cut

There are various curly haircuts that enhance the natural beauty of textured hair. Experts suggest that the round curly cut is the most versatile one. This particular haircut shapes the face and allows curls to look fuller and more uniform. However, there are a few iterations of this haircut based on texture and length.

If you are searching for the best haircuts for women or want to see the most popular haircuts on the rise, now you have a clear idea. As of 2024, haircut styles have never been more inspired. With these haircuts, not only will you get a great makeover, but you will also have a strong personality. You can go with any of the mentioned hairstyles as per your face shape. So, what are you looking for? Book the best barber in Montreal and get an attractive hair makeover.


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