How The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Relate To Climate Change

The greenhouse effect generally describes heat retention even in a lower atmosphere. Heat retention mainly occurs due to certain trace gasses and water vapour in the air. These are the gasses which are also known as greenhouse gasses. The greenhouse climate change effects (ผล กระทบ ของ ภาวะ โลก ร้อน, which is the term in Thai) are also at an increased state for human activities, and many climate scientists have marked the condition as the leading cause of climate change. Let’s know what are the reasons for greenhouse gas emissions in the environment:

What Is The Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse is a house that is made of glass for growing plants. It uses sun radiation to warm the plants and air inside this greenhouse. The trapped heat can not escape the house, which helps increase the number of plants. The same system is followed in the earth also.

During the daytime, the earth gets heated up, and during the night, the heat radiates back, and the earth becomes cool. In this process, the heat gets absorbed by the greenhouse gasses that make the surface warmer and make the planet a perfect living place.

With the increased level of greenhouse gasses, the earth’s temperature gets high, which results in drastic effects on the earth.

Let’s know the reasons that play a significant role in greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Transportation: The transportation sector plays a crucial role in greenhouse gas emissions. The transportation of greenhouse gas emissions generally happens due to burning fossil fuel from cars, trucks, ships, planes, etc. Most of these transportation modes are petroleum fuel-based, emitting gasoline and diesel.
  • Electricity Production: Electricity production is one of the significant causes of greenhouse gas emissions. In recent years, 60{5a50768e762bfb7b2e57ea78bf7dfdceacd194636ac6b2cc640dc46d8fc65ca9} of electricity comes from the burning fossil fuel, coal and natural gasses that make up the majority of greenhouse gas emissions in the environment.
  • Industrial Uses: Industries play a crucial role in emitting greenhouse gasses in the industry. The greenhouse gasses generally come from burning fossil fuels and other chemical reactions required for producing goods from raw materials.


The phenomenon happens when the planet absorbs more radiation than it can radiate back. The increased rate of greenhouse climate change effects the environment, resulting in climate change, and the excessive heat makes human living painful. The government has taken several steps to reduce greenhouse gasses, so the earth suffers the effect of global warming.


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