OG Kush And Everything To Know About It

In the early 1990s, OG Kush, a classic cannabis strain, was created in Florida. It is said that. Matt ‘Bubba’ Berger propagated OG Kush. Although it originated from California, it is termed the Hindu Kush and Chemdawg genetics hybrid. On the other hand, theories are circulating that OG Kush is nothing but a specific cutting of Chemdawg that was done in the early 90s.

How To Identify OG Kush

When identifying OG Kush, one must pay close attention to the features. These cannabis strains come with specific triangular and, if not then, pine cone-shaped buds. Furthermore, it carries hardly any leaves and is covered with frost. Other significant features of this strain are the solid, special, little citrus aroma that is like a strong detergent or a fuel besides a lasting aftertaste.

What Are The Effects Of OG Kush

Since OG Kush comes from a diverse genetic background, it has impossible effects. The THC content of this strain is between 20{5a50768e762bfb7b2e57ea78bf7dfdceacd194636ac6b2cc640dc46d8fc65ca9} and 26{5a50768e762bfb7b2e57ea78bf7dfdceacd194636ac6b2cc640dc46d8fc65ca9}, which means that one can experience being way happy, giggling, and such. The aftermath of this strain results in one diving deep into an aura of relaxation.

What To Consider While Growing It

Certain parameters are to be taken care of when it comes to growing OG Kush, and they are as follows:

·       Specific Climate Requirements

A warm climate with temperatures from 75-85 Fahrenheit is necessary to grow OG Kush. If one is growing OG Kush outdoors, an area with the right sunlight and healthy air circulation can help.

·       Right Soil Requirements

The favorable type of soil required for growing this strain ranges within pH levels of 6.0 and 7.5. The soil should also be rich with the right amount of potassium, calcium, nitrogen, and other adequate nutrients.

·       Necessary Nutrients

Feeding it the right amount of nutrients is also vital because underfeeding or overfeeding may lead to stunting of plant growth.

In short, for growing healthy OG Kush cannabis, adequate climate conditions, the right pH level soil, and sufficient nutrients are mandatory. After successful growth, OG Kush can lead to exceptional effects that physically and mentally stimulate.


People often claim that OG Kush helps deal with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, etc. In terms of its medical applications, it is termed aiding in the sleep cycle. It has been seen that of all the strains that are available near one’s dispensary, OG Kush is the one that is most sought after.


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