Tips to buy the nursery lamps and source products

Nursery lamps are something of a personal preference because some people like to use paper lanterns or natural light to create soft, warm hues in their room. Yet, with so many types of nursery lamps available for purchase, the decision is often difficult for parents. The tips to buy the nursery lamps and source products.

  1. The quality

The quality of lamps is especially important, as parents will likely be using them for a long time. The right nursery lamps will last for years and can go up on the walls without any worries or safety issues. They should also be sturdy and well constructed so that the cord does not pull out or detach from its fixture when used with the lamp shade.

  1. Functionality

In today’s busy world, parents are looking to get more bang for their buck, even when shopping for lamps. A nursery lamp should not only provide light but also offer functionality in other areas like sound or intercoms. Some nurseries have a nightlight so that parents can check their child without turning on the main light. For example, some nurseries have a lock or button that turns the lamps off automatically after a set amount of time.

  1. Environmentally friendly

Parents also want to know that their lamps are environmentally friendly and will not cause any harm to the environment. Some nursery are made with LEDs, which may by eco-friendly but also heat up quickly and may not give off as much light as other types of lights like incandescent lights. Most nurseries uses CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs which are highly efficient and give off more light than regular incandescent bulbs.

  1. Energy efficient

Parents should be aware of which nursery are more energy efficient. Those that use fluorescent bulbs may not give off as much light, but they save more energy than the other types of nursery . LED lights are also very energy efficient and do not have to warm up like incandescent bulbs do. CFL bulbs are also highly efficient and can last up to 10 times longer than a regular incandescent bulb. These types of nursery lamps save energy because they don’t need to warm up or cool down as regular incandescent or halogen bulbs do.

  1. Safety

Nursery lamps should be safe for use in a nursery. They should be UL listed and meet the standards put forth by the company that makes them. Parents should also follow the guidelines set forth by their local electrical inspector to ensure their nursery are safe to use in their home.

  1. Childproof

If you are looking for nursery that are childproof, there may be some that are much worse than others. For example, some of the market’s most childproof nursery have a beam of light that travels across the ceiling and blinds parents to the room they are in. Others don’t have any light at all and just have buttons or switches so parents can turn on their nursery lights with a push of a button. The best way to find these types of nursery lamps is to look for those that do not blind parents from the light.


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