Why It Is Essential To Use Printed Shipping Labels

An identity label used to specify and characterize the contents of a shipment is a shipping label. Depending on the carrier you choose, shipping labels vary, but they all include information like addresses, names, weight, and a tracking barcode. Print a parcel address (ใบ ปะ หน้า, which is a term in Thai) is much common now days for the sellers.

E-commerce sellers are now busy packing boxes and printing labels and packages, but they have other tasks to execute. They have other vital functions like expanding their business and quickly printing the label benefits the sellers. Small companies continuously look for effective ways to save time and effort, and printing shipment labels are the most effective ways to save time and effort.

The Advantages Of Printing Shipping Labels

  • The printed shipping label looks more professional and saves more time, and you can easily send more parcels in a day. It saves time for online merchants.
  • One can easily create a template of address to print the shipment address. Address sticker sheets are available in the market. Online merchants can buy them for e-commerce.
  • The shipping labels are safer to be used. There are no chances of the stock (สต๊อก, term in Thai) being torn or ripped during the shipment procedure.
  • Once the process is started, the printed shipping labels encourage the person to streamline the packaging process.

Which Paper Is Best For Printing?

  • Regular Paper
  • Adhesive Labels
  • Thermal Printer

Regular paper is cheap and can be found anywhere, saving the costs of costly paper. The prices to print are comparatively lower than the others. You don’t have to worry about placing an expensive printer for printing the documents. But it has some disadvantages also. If the tape is misapplied, then it has the threat of damage. In the heavy rain, the shipping label can be torn or ripped off during delivery.

Many online merchants like to utilize adhesive labels for their shipping labels. These printing are also not very costly. A standard printer can make the print with the help of an inkjet and laser printer. It is beneficial as it doesn’t need to use tape. The delivery boy can scan the barcode from the printing labels. No video is required to attach the tags. One of the significant disadvantages is that it is more expensive than paper, and they are much harder to fit.

The most common trend is shipping labels by thermal printers. They are stand-alone devices that utilize heat instead of ink, which is swifter than the other methods of print and generating labels. It is expensive and cannot be afforded by every small business.


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