Common Mistakes When Leasing A Space For Your Office And How To Avoid Them?

It doesn’t matter whether have an established business or you are just starting your business from the scratch, finding a suitable space for your office is one of the main decisions that you will take as an entrepreneur. It might not be easy to find the best office space; given how it might take a whole team, abundant resources and time. But even when finding a suitable place like CW Tower, business entrepreneurs end up making common mistakes which leads them to suffer in future.

Here are some of the common mistakes that entrepreneurs end up making and here’s how to avoid them.

Not Having The Patience To Conduct Researches

To find a good office rental space, you must do proper research or at least assign someone from your team or office to do the needful. Some of the important criteria that you need to keep in mind are your budget, office location and the space that you need. For businesses involved in transport and logistics, you might have to look up the location as that would play a key role. Also before thinking of inspecting the office spaces personally, you must make a list of all the offices that matches your needs.

The budget also plays a crucial role since businesses need to understand if they can pay a certain rental fee for the next years.

What Determines If Your Workspace Is The Suitable Office For You?

Certain factors shall help you to determine if the workspace that you have chosen is right for you or not.

The Factors That Determine Your Final Call For Workspace Are:

  • Layout
  • Expansion flexibility
  • Suitability
  • Long Term Growth

Picking An Office Space That Doesn’t Match Your Sizing Requirement

Most entrepreneurs end up miscalculating the actual office space that is needed. They either lease an office space which is excessively spacious for them which they don’t need or something too compact. A simple miscalculation results in a wastage of resources and money.

Some Of The Factors That Determine The Office Space Size Are:

  • Expected growth
  • Significant changes that your business is about to undergo
  • Expected staff hiring in future
  • Disaster management

Underestimating Your Needs

Some businesses shift from conventional office spaces to flexible office spaces like that of CW Tower. In this course of shifting or even before they set out for their search, they realize the same criteria they had for their precious office applies for the new office. Most often, this isn’t the case and most requirements and costs might be unnecessary. Some of the great examples are dedicated receptionists and meeting rooms.

Some Of The Common Facilities That Are Offered On An Ad Hoc Basis Are:

  • Pantry
  • Meeting rooms
  • Receptionist
  • Office front desk

All of these facilities result in huge cost savings. Never underestimate or misjudge your requirements or you might end up having problems.

All of these common mistakes can lead to problems, wastage of time, money, resources and reduce employee productivity. For the best office space for rental that suits your needs and budget, CW Tower is the best option for you. The rental space for the office offered by CW Tower is centrally located in Ratchada and is known for its cleanliness, easy commute facilities, professional management and for offering both standard and fully-furnished office rooms.


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