Introducing A New Stop For Sports And Games: “Street Basketball.”

Short Introduction To The Sport

Basketball is usually a sport played in a team of 5 members each. 2 teams compete against each other on a rectangular court generally played indoors. Each team scores points by tossing the ball through the opponent’s goal, termed “Basket.”

These days a new term revolves around readers’ minds about the sport ‘Street Basketball’.

Street Basketball

Street Basketball is played on ‘half the court’. The number of players in this game is 3, and 1 player is substitutional. Popularly Street Basketball is also called by the ‘3×3 basketball’ name.

Street basketball is not only responsible for fitness and one’s health, but as a friendly sport is becoming a choice of many due to minimal space occupation on the court and fewer team members as compared to original basketball games. It makes it convenient for the players to make up a team.

So, What’s The Difference Between The Two?

On the first side, there are three players involved in Street basketball; therefore, on the other, five players make up a team for a Normal Basketball game. Another fact to be acknowledged is that Street basketball not only holds on to half of the court but also uses one key for the game. At the same time, authentic basketball is played on the whole court and utilizes both hoops.

Hence, Street Basketball occupies less space and time than the main game.

Searching For A Court Nearby?

If you are looking for a play court nearby to gang up with your friends, here’s to inform you that in the middle of Ratchada is a small basketball court where one could practice and polish their gaming skills.

With a single batting layout of indoor 3×3, ‘The Street Arena’ has availability of two basketball courts. By giving a healthy experience to people around the location, the Street Arena is easy to reach in the city centre.

Another interesting fact about this court is that one can easily avail of the gaming experience 24*7. For more info (ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม which is the term in Thai), here’s a description about the same.

The Street Arena Indoor Street Basketball Welcomes Everyone To Avail Their Services:

  • Assistance Price: 300 Baht Per Hour
  • Timings For Assistance: 10:00 – 24:00
  • Address: 5 Floor, The Street Ratchada Shopping Center
  • Court’s Layout: 3×3 Format (1 Key Only)
  • Number Of Courts: 2
  • Number Of Players In A Field: Unlimited

Polish and upgrade your sports skills with a completely new gaming experience in the city’s centre. Avail of the facilities of “The Street Arena” indoor basketball court.


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