How To Determine A Replica From An Authentic Rolex Watch

Have you decided to purchase a Rolex? You must be having loads of cash saved for the wonderful timepiece. The foremost aspect you would have considered is Rolex Price. Rest assured you would be required to pay a considerable amount to buy an authentic Rolex watch. If you come across a Rolex watch sold for a reasonable price, the chances of the watch being a replica would be significantly higher.

Numerous sites available online would auction the watch claim to sell an authentic piece. However, the reality would be that their products have been a replica of the real thing. Therefore, the first lesson you learn about buying an authentic piece would be Rolex Price. If you come across a steal deal, it is bound to be a replica.

Find A Reputed Watch Dealer

Consider investing your money in a reputed watch dealer when buying a Rolex. Numerous websites offer special deals and most look professional and convincing. However, it would be in your best interest to remember that presently you would come across several professional-looking sites offering credit card processing facilities. They would take your money before you even know about it. Rest assured setting up a fraud site would be easier, which appears genuine and established to the consumer.

Look for the below-mentioned essential aspects to buy an authentic Rolex watch.

1) Check The Back Case

A genuine Rolex watch would have a small hologram sticker that could change appearance as you move the watch around.

2) Etched Rolex Crown

Consider looking immediately below the number 6 for an etched Rolex crown. Either you would not have the Rolex crown in a replica Rolex watch or the quality of the crown would be a poor imitation. Look carefully at the crown in a genuine Rolex watch; it would be small but very clear. That is why Rolex Price is slightly higher among the other branded watches. They offer quality finishing in their products.

3) Heavier

A genuine Rolex watch would be heavier than the replica, as the replica manufacturers would not be able to afford heavier parts and better quality.

4) Non-Ticking Seconds Hand

Apart from the Quartz series, the second hand in a genuine Rolex watch would glide without sound rather than making a ticking sound on movement.

5) Crystal Face Cover

Yet another reason for higher Rolex Price would be the company uses crystal face cover and not glass face cover. Water on the glass face cover would smear whereas water would bead together on the crystal face cover.

These aspects would help you determine the difference between a replica and an authentic Rolex watch.