Japan Itinerary for Anime and Manga Fans

Anime, or Japanese animation, and manga, or Japanese comic books, have both played important roles in the global dissemination of Japanese culture during the last several decades. This shift is the consequence of the proliferation of online communities like the video-streaming platform Crunchyroll, which have made it easier for fans in other countries to access the medium. It comes to reason that as the popularity of a hobby grows worldwide, more and more people would want to go there to see where it all began. Here, you’ll find information about the top Japanese tourist spots inspired by manga and anime.


Akihabara is a popular district in Tokyo for fans of Japanese animation and comic books; the area is also known as “Electric Town” due to the abundance of electronic goods shops in the area. This is due to the city’s status as a cultural epicentre in Japan. Most people’s mental image of contemporary Tokyo centres on this area, which is heavily packed with high-rise buildings housing specialised shops, arcades, and maid cafés. Discover Akihabara for yourself during your time in Tokyo on either our Budget Japan Tours or Japan Family Adventure! When it comes to the manga tours then this one can be the best choice.


Ikebukuro is another exciting area with many manga and anime-related sites to see. The Mega Tokyo Pokemon Centre, situated inside the massive Sunshine City shopping mall, is the place to go if you want to learn the difference between Pichu and Pikachu. You may find an abundance of Pokemon merchandise, the vast majority of which can only be purchased here. There are various life-size statues of Pokemon placed strategically about the store, including a Charizard, in case you’ve always wanted to snap a selfie with one but never had the chance.


Odaiba, Tokyo’s man-made island, was initially a collection of artificial islands built in the 19th century as a defence against invading armed forces. The islands were eventually linked together and developed into a lively tourist destination.  It is linked to the city by the Rainbow Bridge, which was built in the 1990s.

Odaiba is well-known not just for its cutting-edge buildings but also for its many museums, shopping centres, and arcades. Two of the more out-of-the-ordinary structures are a replica of the Statue of Liberty and a shopping centre patterned after Venice, complete with picturesque fountains and a ceiling meant to evoke the sky. Fans of Japanese animation may want to visit the Diver City shopping centre, which is famous for its enormous Gundam statue. The earlier memorial was taken down at the year’s end, and a new one, which is both bigger and more magnificent, has taken its place.


The bulk of the stores on all four floors of the Nakano Broadway shopping centre offer items related to manga and anime. The bulk of these stores may be found on levels two and three of the structure. Stores sell a wide variety of goods, including clothing, music CDs, and comic books. Anime may be found at some of these stores. You should go to one of the lanes near the station once you’ve done some exploring and worked up an appetite.  Many different types of restaurants and izakayas may be found within your budget.


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