alcohol withdrawal itchy skin

Most Common Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and Medications

Many people are there who regularly consume alcohol. Alcohol is harmful to health. Though alcohol can induce sleep and relax the mind, still it has many harmful effects on health like kidneys and liver damage. When people stop drinking alcohol, they start facing withdrawal symptoms. This is very common for people who are regularly taking alcohol and suddenly stop consumption. If you drink once, then there are no chances for you to face any withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol can also have a depressive effect on your system and slows down brain functions. It also affects the nervous system of the body.

Symptoms of Withdrawal –

Some of the common symptoms of withdrawal are as follows –

  • Anxiety
  • Shaking hands and legs
  • Headache,
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating and
  • Itching

One of the most common symptoms that many people may not have, but that happens is alcohol withdrawal itchy skin. The reason for itchy skin is because alcohol mixes with the blood, it is rapidly absorbed. Out of that 20{492f031bbe524ec010e40dea180c21d7b1aa57de3a6dbf49ce38e3f3d65112cb} is absorbed through the stomach and 80{492f031bbe524ec010e40dea180c21d7b1aa57de3a6dbf49ce38e3f3d65112cb} is absorbed through the small intestine. And, within 5-10 minutes you can start feeling the effect of alcohol in the body. So, itchy skin is natural, because alcohol causes dryness of the skin.

Third Phase Precaution –

In the third phase of alcohol withdrawal, you will face severe itching. And, in this stage, proper medical care is required. If medical attention is not given, then the itching can increase causing rashes in the skin, redness, and burning sensation. It can also spread to the other areas of the body like the back, hands, legs, and stomach. Therefore, you must take proper care and visit the doctor when you have stopped drinking alcohol so that the doctors can suggest how to tackle the withdrawal symptoms like tactile hallucination or dryness in the skin and other symptoms.

Medications –

Also, if you don’t see a doctor when you face itching, then your skin becomes sensitive and you can get at the extreme a stinging sensation. But with the help of medications like Allegra, Avill, and Ointments like Sofromycin can help to reduce the problems of itchy skin.