Solve All Your Doubts Regarding Chin Surgery

Do you have any problems with your chin? Do you want to know about chin argumentation or external wound? Well, the rapid changes among people, especially youngster, are seen nowadays. Plastic surgery is being done in addition to boosting the self-confidence level. The popular type of surgery is rhinoplasty which is chin argumentation surgery. The outside of chin surgery (เสริม คาง แผล นอก, which is the term in Thai) is not necessary, although it’s become a fashion to look beautiful.

Types Of Chin Argumentation

There are two types of chin argumentation. The one is outside incision chin, and the other is inner incision chin argumentation.

External Wound

The surgeon will perform the external chin argumentation wound surgery. Looking upon advantages, the doctor places the silicon position very precisely. It becomes easy for a doctor to access the beauty under the chin and reduce the injury, infection, or swelling after surgery. The patient is advised to take care after surgery because it is an open wound surgery outside the chin.

Internal Wound

This surgery is placed approximately in that desired position inside the chin. Particular advantages are the wound gets exposed to water. This type of chin surgery is quite familiar, although it does not contain any scars.

The Care Is Taken After Surgery.

There are specific steps that you need to follow after surgery. Have a look below.

  • After surgery, three days are crucial; therefore, apply a cold compress to the chin and cheeks for a few seconds.
  • On the 4th day, a hot compress to that area where the stitches are being done will reduce the swelling.
  • Always try to use a small toothbrush after surgery and gargle with saline water.
  • Suppose any irritation or itching occurs; it’s better to consult a doctor for safety.
  • If any abnormal symptoms occur after surgery, immediate consultation is advised, but the doctor is recommended.
  • Avoid eating spicy food and consume liquid food for fuel days. You also must avoid uncooked food, pickled fish, seafood, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. All this stuff will create problems, and you cannot heal the wound faster.

Bottom Line

One should take proper care after performing surgery. Chin surgery is quite dangerous, and special attention is taken. All the doubts regarding chin surgery are given in this article. For more detail, you can consult your doctor or read online regarding chin surgery. For good looks like one needs to go through surgery.