Treat Cavities With The Best Filling Strategies!!

Have you ever tried the filling (อุดฟัน, which is the term in Thai) strategy to treat cavities? Whether you want to treat cavities or damaged teeth fillings, the best option is dentistry to treat teeth problems. Few people think filling hurts a lot. But the actual scenario is different, and to know more about the procedures for filling teeth, have a look below. The filling is the new way to replace dental health problems. It will prevent all the adverse effects and give you the best way to get rid of tooth problems.

What Are The Types Of Filing Processes?

There are two types of filing, but also this is known as a tooth-coloured filling and an amalgam filling.

·        Amalgam Filling

When we talk about amalgam filling is used as a filling material with metallic coloured material. Metallic-coloured material means a combination of silver, mercury and tin. The process is convenient and robust enough, with the help of which you can get your teeth attached smoothly. It is not complicated, and the process is relatively easy to maintain.

Although it contains mercury, it is on the safer side. Not only is this amalgam the one which is used for medical purposes also, but it is present in the closed capsule in small amounts; therefore, it does not harm. An amalgam filling is quite simple and harmless to get tooth cavities in shape. An amalgam filling is best for those who have a problem related to molars and premolars. For front teeth, this process is not applicable, although amalgam has a dark colour and, therefore, is easily visible, which will not create harmony and peace.

·        Tooth-Coloured Filling

The tooth colour filling is made up of composite resins. It gives a natural look to the teeth and is one of the popular methods of the 21st century. Compared to an amalgam filling, it is complicated but powerful when you want to fill the front and back teeth.

Those who have a problem related to tooth decay in the front teeth, as well as the back, can use tooth coloured filling process. The filling provides natural teeth; therefore, smiling teeth will always create harmony and peace.

Bottom Line

Treat the cavities problem with the best feeling strategies and never miss the chance to visit your dentist. The only easiest option to opt for is to consult a dentist and regularly take dental health checkups to rectify the solution and heal the problem. Your teeth are the priority in making yourself happy with a smile.


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