First Time Buying A Rolex Copy: We Are Here To Help

Rolex is undoubtedly the most well-known and renowned luxury brand in the world. When most people hear the phrase “luxury watch,” they envision a Rolex.

Not all luxury brands are created equal when it comes to counterfeiting. A Uswitch survey looked at the most popular brands among counterfeit products customers. It turns out that the majority of counterfeit customers want to acquire “Rolex” watches at a discount. Over 225,000 times per year, the term “Rolex clone” is searched online. Even the term “replica” implies that the item you’re purchasing is lawful.. In China, practically all Rolex clones are ade by the replica Watch Foundry. They cost $50 for the cheapest and about $300 for the highest quality. Vendors sell them for prices ranging from $200-$1000. Replicas are a “nod” to the real rather than a brazen rip-off

Factors to consider while buying a Rolex counterfeit (นาฬิกา rolex ก๊อป, which is the term in Thai)

A good fake is sturdy, tells good time, and has a high-quality patina. Replicas frequently use a low-grade quartz movement that ticks once per second — although newer counterfeits use superior mechanical (Swiss, German, or Japanese) movements with a sweep. The replica Rolex quality levels are classified as Swiss, German, or Japanese. Rolex clone watches have nearly faultless edges and finely finished parts with standards measured in millimeters.

The Chinese producers have raised the bar for Rolex reproduction, especially of the Submariner. Even the pros cannot tell the difference between these Submariner reproductions since the craftsmanship is unparalleled and that every fine design has been examined. A few are so realistic that taking the back off is the only possible way to tell.

They can be considered a lousy purchase if they are cheap copies; such copies break in no time. If they are a good fake, they will need service, and finding someone to service your watch from an unknown manufacturer is difficult.

Watches come in all price ranges and all qualities. If you need to tell time, a cheap quartz watch will do that. Casio has an excellent quartz divers watch for about $50. If you want a good mechanical watch, you can pick up an Orient watch for under $200. There are Tudor watches if you want a nice look, but they are outside Rolex’s price range. Then there are numerous other well-respected brands. So, if you want a good copy of Rolex, get it from a trusted website or shop.


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